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Two-factor authentication

Use two-factor authentication to process investment transactions online and via mobile phone

Luk Fook Financial has always been committed to safeguarding the interests of customers. In order to strengthen the security of network service use and improve the security requirements of the trading platform, we will launch a "two-factor authentication function" for securities and futures, so that customers can experience a safer, more reliable and convenient one-stop Online trading services.

Two-factor authentication function process

[Securities online/mobile trading platform] (use the latest version of trading software)

1. Download the Ayers security code software and set a password for each login to the software.
2. Enter Luk ook Broker Identification Code "LFF" into the registration code
3. Enter the trading system login account, password and the last three digits of the identity document number (numbers in brackets or English letters are not required)
4. A one-time verification code will be sent to the customer's registration email. After successful registration, the new code will be displayed in the code list.
5. Before logging into the trading platform each time, you need to log in to the Ayers security code software to receive a one-time authentication code.
6. Enter the trading account number, password and one-time verification code on the trading platform to start trading.

Note: The new version of the mobile app - Lukfook Trading and the PC version of the trading app - TSCI have upgraded the two-factor authentication method to use mobile SMS and biometric authentication (such as FaceID, fingerprint), and the Ayers security code is no longer required.

Download Ayers security code software

[Futures/Stock Options SP Trader Desktop/Mobile Trading Platform](Use the latest version of trading software)

1. Use the latest version of trading software (desktop version/mobile APP version)
2. After entering the trading account and password, the system will display the two-factor authentication login screen.
3. The verification code will be sent to the customer's registered phone number (SMS). Enter the verification code and click OK to authorize the device to continue to be used in the future (each device only needs to be verified once, and up to 5 devices can be authorized)
4. Customers can cancel previously registered devices in the "Device Security Management" in the desktop version and mobile version

Please note

1. Activating two-factor authentication requires the customer’s valid mobile phone number and email address. Therefore, customers must always pay attention to whether the personal/company information registered with the company has been updated, otherwise they will not be able to log in to the online trading account through two-factor authentication.
2. If your mobile phone number and email address change, please notify the company of the change as soon as possible to avoid affecting online transactions.
3. If the customer has not registered a mobile phone number, please add a new number to avoid being unable to log in to the online platform.
4. If futures/stock options customers are overseas or using the services of a foreign network provider, they may not be able to receive international text messages. Please note that when in mainland China or overseas, customers need to turn on their mobile phones and activate roaming services to ensure that they can receive a one-time password SMS to log in to the online platform. Please check with your telecommunications service provider for details.
5. If you are unable to pass two-factor authentication due to any circumstances and enter the online platform for trading, please call (852) 2980 0888 to contact your account manager for enquiry, or place an order over the phone.

Steps to update/add mobile phone number

Download and print the "Notification Form For Change of Client Personal Particular", complete and sign the form, and return it to us by email or fax.

Email: [email protected]
Fax: 29800777

Security recommendations for using online trading accounts