Frequently asked questions about opening a securities/futures account

Individual investors can choose to open an account as an individual/joint name, choose an online/offline account type, and choose an investment account type according to their personal investment preferences:

– Securities account (cash/margin)
– Stock options account
– Futures and options accounts

Individual/joint accounts are entitled to "margin lending" financing provided by Luk Fook Securities (Hong Kong) Limited to investors, but your securities must be pledged to Luk Fook Securities (Hong Kong) Limited as a guarantee for the loan. This service allows you to purchase more securities but involves margin loan interest.

Opening an account is free, and our company does not require a minimum deposit to open an account.

When buying and selling stocks, customers are required to pay transaction commissions (brokerage) and other fees (stamp duties, transfer fees, securities regulatory fees). Luk Fook Securities (Hong Kong) Limited does not charge storage fees. Brokerage client commissions are negotiated between the broker and the client.

When buying and selling futures and options, customers are required to pay commissions, exchange fees and SFC levies on a per-contract basis.

Only the following two documents are required to open an account:
- A copy of Personal Identification Document (e.g a valid HK Identity Card or passport)
- A copy of Personal Address Proof from the recent 3 months* (e.g. utilities bill, bank statement or income tax statement)

Generally, it can be officially used within two to three working days after our company receives your account opening letter and required documents. At that time, we will notify you by mail that your account has become effective.

Once the Luk Fook Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. account is approved (the company will notify customers of the account opening status by mail or email), customers only need to deposit sufficient funds or stocks to start trading. Regarding the account opening status, Luk Fook Securities (Hong Kong) Limited will issue a welcome letter by mail or email as account opening confirmation.