Asset Management

Asset Management

Luk Fook Asset Management (HK) Limited offers tailor-made investment services and value-added investment advices to individuals, corporates, institutional investors with different risk tolerance and return requirements. Products include authorized funds, private funds, investment advisory services, proactive and passive managed funds and discretionary managed accounts covering fixed income, equity and alternative assets classes, etc. With integrity, innovative thinking, and pragmatic attitude in mind, we strive to achieve the highest return for clients with appropriate risk management.

Fund Platform Business

Not only offering quality investment products, we also provide the customized investment portfolios for our high-net-worth investors in a professional manner.

Client Priority

Our professional team is dedicated to become the trustworthy investment partner to provide clients dedicated investment solutions.

Customized Investment Portfolio

Our expert team will tailor-made a “VIP” account for each valued client. Based on client’s investment objectives, experience, risk tolerance, we will customize investment strategies and agreed with clients; and implement the agreed investment strategies in a professional and responsible attitude, and keep update our clients with periodical reports from time to time.

Our Philosophy

Due to the volatility of investment markets , economic data, and the unpredictable international relations , the prices of assets are fluctuated .
We believe that the market is not in perfect running condition . As a result of market inefficiencies, the asset price drifts away from its actual value, this is when good investment opportunities arise .
We will attentively , closely monitor the investment target. When the market inefficiencies arise, asset prices are not logical, that is the best time for us to capture the opportunity.

Our Strength

Lukfook Financial Group has a strong background, strict internal control system. And with a fast and steady system and a professional team of asset management, we will achieve the investment objective of the investors.
We focus on profession, integrity, innovative thinking, pragmatic attitude, logical analysis, to provide dedicated service .

Our Product

We carefully design different investment strategies with different investment tools for different investors to meet different investment objectives. These unique investment solutions have actual market practice and achieved the performance goals.

Our Services

Our expert team will set up an individual account for each valued customers. Then according to different factors such as investment objectives, duration, risk tolerance, we develop appropriate investment strategies, and implement investment plans in a professional and responsible attitude, and review the reports periodically. We provide customers with asset appreciation and strive to become the investment partner that customers can fully trust.

How To Start

If you are interested in above and would like further information , please email or call us to leave your contact detail. Our asset management department colleagues will meet you as soon as possible, to understand you need, to explain how we will work together with you to achieve the investment objective.